Name: Nadia Laksheva

Born: 4th July, 1992

Birthplace: Uspekh, Russia, near the banks of the Volga

Trade: Russian operative

Appearance: Petite, dark brown short-cropped hair, tombstone grey eyes

Training: scuba-diving, small arms (crack shot), bomb-making, hand-to-hand combat

Preferred weapon: Beretta Cougar

Preferred Clothing: Combat pants and tee shirt – anything except skirt and heels


Nadia had her father snatched away from her by Special Forces when she was fourteen, and two years later found out that he’d been a killer; initially Spetsnaz, then rogue. Determined not to become like him, she left for Moscow as soon as she turned eighteen to join her sister, Katya. But things didn’t go well, and Nadia was trapped into working for a gangster, Kadinsky, for five years.

At the end of this period Nadia has nine clandestine operations under her belt, and despite being a crack shot, has not killed anyone. Her freedom is in sight, and she craves a normal life. But destiny has other plans for Nadia, because there is evil in the world, and it seeks Nadia out. And she knows that if you sit around and wait for someone else to put the world right, you’re going to wait a long time. So, she steps up…