Underwater, running out of air…

When I’m diving deep I always glance up to the surface. Sometimes, as deep as fifty metres, you can still see it, maybe even the boat awaiting you. But often or not, you can’t. And the thought occurs to me, what if I were to run out of air, right now?… Read the rest

Why I dive…

Imagine another world, one without mobile phones, laptops, emails, conversation, work… Imagine you could fly in this land, silently sail over exotic landscapes, parachute in slow motion, immerse yourself in swarms of wild but perfectly choreographed creatures going about their business – eating and trying not to be eaten – where the hierarchy is clear, where you and the other fish are always on the lookout for sharks.Read the rest

Heroines aren’t born, they’re forged – Nadia’s story

Some prologues are worth reading. This is how Nadia begins…

The only thing worth killing for is family.
            Her father’s words to her, the day they’d come for him.
            She’d been fourteen when two men in combat fatigues and balaclavas burst into the kitchen where she and her father were enjoying breakfast.
Read the rest

Lost in wrecks – hardcore wreck-diving

One of the motivations for writing 66 Metres was wreck diving. I’ve dived wrecks in many different parts of the world, and I am always fascinated by seeing these graveyard ships, imagining how they were before, and witnessing how nature colonizes them, turning even warships into havens for fish and coral.… Read the rest

66 Metres – Opening

Sixty-Six Metres is the depth at which normal air starts to become toxic to divers. Stay at that depth or below, and you will die.

Nadia has never dived that deep, but to save her sister, she’s going to have to.… Read the rest

Why I wrote 66 Metres

I wrote Sixty-Six Metres over the course of several years, initially stopping after 7 chapters and putting it down for eighteen months while I was working on something else. But it actually started back in 2011 when I had a short story called ‘No Diving’ published online.… Read the rest

Landing a publishing contract with Harper Collins…

I remember staring at The Call letter when it came in, and at first thinking it was just another rejection. But something in my brain snagged… and then, an OMG moment, especially when I read the ‘three-book’ part. I had to re-read the letter several times, and call Charlotte, my brand new Carina UK editor, to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating!… Read the rest