On fight scenes…

Are you ever reading a thriller, and in a key scene there is a fight, but you get confused: the hero or villain seems to have three arms, or is facing one way then suddenly another, or else you just can’t visualise what is going on, and you really want to…?… Read the rest

How to write a blurb…

There’s an old saying that a lawyer who defends himself in court has an idiot for a client. Similarly, I don’t think writers should write their own blurbs. We’re too close to what we’ve slaved over for months or years. Better if someone else does it for us.… Read the rest

On writing the third book in a series

A heroine in a thriller has to overcome many hurdles. But an author writing a series does too! I’m nearly done editing 88 North, the third book in the Nadia Laksheva series, and it’s been quite a task! Here’s the Big Three challenges I had to face:

  1. How to keep the two main characters – now in a relationship – fresh?
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37 Hours – the myth behind the story

The original title of 37 Hours was One-way dive. It was based around a story of three divers who saved Europe from being irradiated by a secondary explosion from the Chernobyl reactor during efforts to get it under control, back in 1986.… Read the rest

Why researching a thriller can be fun.. and surprising

Sometimes you plan research, but you get more than you bargained for. But as a writer, any experience, pleasant or otherwise, can be put to good use.

I’ve just come back from a holiday in Eilat, Israel, where I dived every morning and edited in the afternoon.… Read the rest

37 Hours until…

The first blog tour for 37 Hours starts tomorrow, and I thought I’d better say something about the title, since people always ask me, and I usually reply, well, you have to read it… So, enough of being coy, here’s a rough outline.… Read the rest

A tale of two blog tours

Recently I did two blog tours for 66 Metres, one in the US and one in the UK. I’d never done a blog tour before, so was intrigued to see how it worked and what was the result. What I wanted from the tours was more exposure, more reviews, and more sales.… Read the rest

Midway through my first blog tour

I’m halfway through the first blog tour for 66 Metres, and have to say it’s a great experience. Sixteen bloggers talking about my book over a week-long period, whether passing reviews, showing extracts from the book or, as in today, a guest blog about my (slightly scary) writing process.… Read the rest

The lure of the deep

I recall my second dive quite clearly. It was at a place called Dorothea, in North Wales, a limestone quarry with a maximum depth of just over a hundred metres. Along with my buddy/instructor, we finned way from the safety of the ledge, and I stared down into the chilly waters that shifted from green to turquoise to dark blue to black.… Read the rest