Duelling psychologists…the dead can lie (extract)

I’m working on the new novel, The dead can lie, about Greg Adams, a criminal psychologist whose wife was murdered by a serial killer. A year on, Greg has got nowhere trying to track down the ‘Dreamer’, and comes close to blowing his brains out, when gets a new lead.… Read the rest

Diving with sharks and mantas…

The Nadia Laksheva series contains a lot of diving, and as they say, write what you know… I’ve just been diving with sharks and mantas in Socorro Islands, off the western coast of Mexican Baja. These are remote uninhabited islands in the Pacific Ocean, famed for sightings of many large ocean-going fish (called pelagics), including sharks and giant mantas, as well as humpback whales and dolphins. 


On the menu in May were mainly sharks and mantas.… Read the rest

How a writer writes about being a spy…(without being one)

By definition, it’s not always easy to find out how the world of espionage works, so how does a writer create it? At least one reviewer of my Nadia Laksheva spy series believes I may actually be a spy (former, she hopes).… Read the rest

Saved the best till the end?

I’ve been getting feedback from people who have read 88 North, the finale to the series that started with 66 Metres and charts Nadia’s progress in her personal war against the terrorist Salamander. In short, people are telling me this is the best book.… Read the rest

Thank you book bloggers :-)

I’ve now appeared in at least 5  book bloggers favourite books for 2017, one just in had both 66 Metres and 37 Hours in the top 5, which is rare to see. I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to all the book bloggers who have reviewed my books over the past year.… Read the rest

First reviews – the not so dirty dozen…

The first 12 reviews are up on Amazon for 88 North (there are a couple of others on Goodreads), so I thought I’d see what they said, and find out whether I gave Nadia and Jake a good final outing. Writing and finishing the book in 6 months really took it out of me, and I found it emotionally draining at times, not to mention the early morning insomnia-fuelled sessions.… Read the rest

Interview with the author – 88 North

88 North came out yesterday, sliding into #10 on Apple iBooks, and already with some rave reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. As part of the ongoing Blog Tour I did an interview with a blogger, which you can read here.… Read the rest

88 North is launched…

88 North was released today and came straight in at #10 on Apple iBooks, amidst some initial fabulous reviews (more are coming…) on Amazon and via the current blog tour (also see Goodreads). Around 200 people had it downloaded this morning onto various devices, so I’m waiting to see what they all thought, as well as those who are buying it right now.… Read the rest

Countdown to 88 North…

Just a few days now until the release of 88 North, the third in the Nadia Laksheva series. So, here’s an extract involving Jake, in a rather difficult situation as he approaches 88 degrees North…


Jake had always wanted to be on an ice-breaker.Read the rest

On writing about a dying heroine…

I just had a blog published on the Crime Readers Association website, about the final book in the series, 88 North. No spoilers, just about the process and the difficult backdrop to this final Nadia in statement. You can read the blog here


88 North will be released 14th December…… Read the rest